sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

Ah! If my Code could talk...

Ladies and gentlemen!

It's my pleasure to annouce that my first e-book is released. Its name? "Ah! if my Code could talk...". Yeah! This is a fable which tells the fantastic, difficult, funny path of the Software to be release to the Customer. If my Code could talk, I believe it would write this book.

I'd like to beg your help to SPREAD it, because everybody that works with IT should read this e-book, mainly the developers. I wonder that they will identify themselves with some character(s) in the story.

I count on you to READ and FORWARD this e-book to your friends and co-workers.

Find the e-book here: Myebook - Ah! if my Code could talk... - click here to open my ebook

You can also find it at:

Apple Store:
US Kindle Store:
UK Kindle Store:

Thanks in advance.

Emerson de Lira Espínola

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